There are not a lot of things that can derail a night out with the family… but when my son said:

Your lips are turning blue! He said it , then my wife , and then my daughter.

But I felt fine. Still, there was worry at the restaurant table, and I, being dad, needed to have answers to these questions….  Life is not kind enough to come at you one issue at a time. You don’t get advanced notice when a problem is coming. Like Florida rain.” You look up, and the rain begins to  fall.  And there is nothing that you can do about it. But  that cannot prevent4  me from finding out what’s going on . my answers:

Cyanosis is what it is called. It’s when the oxygen level to your extremities is low and red blood cells get discolored.  That’s it that the answer to the question/ I pressed

My “faith based buddies” told me it was a sign from heaven. I asked my God Fearing  Friends. and they offered advice:

Slow down
Enjoy God’s blessings.
Live and love life

You do  not have to  fix everything today! Save some work for tomorrow. Enjoy the deck in y our backyard….you haven’t used it in over a year. Went back to  the kids,  armed  with data,  but they had moved on to something else.NO matter. I’ll be ready next time.