Hey Dad,What is the difference between right and wrong?

It was one of those questions that people either do not  have an answer for, or refuse to share their answers because of their fear of what may happen. And so the person or child is  brushed off and sent somewhere else to seek answers. Either way, options are few.


We can (again) brush them off, which  effectively sentences them to a life of giving  the right questions to the right answers from the wrong  places.  We can make a nice, polite joke about how the person asking  those questions  is really growing in to manhood or womanhood. Or , we can create another generation of people who have  to experiment in order to get a respectable  answer to  a challenging  question.

I did  not take either route. I promised  my kids that they could ask me any question, and that I would answer them. There were no age limits  or gamesmanship. My response  to his question: Why do you ask?

he said to me……dad another murder turned acquittal has taken place, and people were in the streets sharing their  concerns.  He went on to say: They keep  on saying that these men were found innocent  of murder. But dad, the people in question were guilty of  murder because  they shot someone. How can a picture  with their  face  and  their gun “not ” be a smoking gun?? How can that be right?

I sighed,  and my head fell faster than a roller coaster. We are working hard to find cures for cancer and other illnesses  that were once thought to be incurable. But still we  cannot  find a way to bring the races together without it being for a fight or a debate.


I don’t have an answer ,  son .I don’t have an answer.

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