Hey Dad: is making comparisons between the KKK and FRATERNATIES Unfair?

A 7 letter word for  activity and punishment meted out by a  group of women and women who only want  to  fit ?  You have men and women who are essentially exchanging a chance to pledge for their lives. They are fed alcohol until they pass out. They are given water  until the water becomes poisonous. They are beaten and verbally abused and sometimes left for dead.  And all that is still not enough to get them “in.”  What’s worse, as if  something  could be worse, is that those who are abused today will be the ones doing the abusing tomorrow.

They treat you like crap. They do things to you that  can best be described as inhumane. The end result….death;  sometimes. Other times, you survive but  are never the same. Of course, I am talking about the hazing.  It seems like fun to some,  kinda like a group bully  program. Not only that, but where else can you go where the prey chases after the hunter. Kids want so badly to pledge that they allow themselves to be mentally and physically whooped.


It still happens. People are still so enamored about the prospect of pledging,  that they trade it for their dignity,  their reputation, even their  lives.

But, why is it that institutes of higher learning cannot make this go away?  Why must a parent with a college aged student have to get a phone call stating that their kid wanted  so badly  to  pledge that they let down their guard and lost their lives?


Why are there no marches or rallies  for them?


something has to change……

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