Someone asked me  about the gift giving business for children. What about it? Well, it hasn’t changed for decades. We essentially went from Barbie and Ken dolls to gadgets, and nothing in between.

We went from baseball gloves to soccer balls to cell phones. Is there or has there been a revolutionary concept or gift idea that changed the world, the neighborhood, the block? the living room?


Hmm. Take it a step further: look at the anniversary gifts between husband and wife. Paper and diamonds and this and that… there is a methodology behind anniversary that keeps it vibrant; keeps it going.

Probably cannot experiment on the wife, but it is something to think about. What type of plan can be put together for young people??

how about

age 5 first phone

age 8  memory  upgrade on their electronic device.

age 11   Your choice

age 13 Wardrobe upgrade

age 15 license

I’m not thinking  that this is a finished product,  but it will definitely start some conversation between kids and parents. Imagine calling your kids too the table to sit down and discuss what gifts they want! I think my little people are going to be thrilled  to   know that I have that much  faith in them, and am willing to allow them to have some input in their gifts.


so, as the sun sets on another summer vacation,  wouldn’t it be cool to be able to work with an Amazon or similar Big Box on a plan to spend more money with them?? Think they’ll complain??


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