There I was….strolling through the kitchen, on the prowl like a jungle cat. It’s 3 AM,  and I am again looking around for something to answer the  question:  What shall I eat? If only it were that easy?

This is more than just a story about the joy of  Oreo cookies.  It is not about being a predator  or satisfying  hunger.  Actually, it’s all about something a lot bigger.


Any writer, good or bad, has moments where  the hand and the heart are willing and able, but nothing comes out of the  pen. Try though you might, you are left with a piece of paper, a blank  piece of paper. Writers Cramp.

The  pressure mounts. Self imposed deadlines only add to the stress and the anxiety associated with the blank piece of paper that rests  before you. Sports! Football season is beginning and baseball is heating up and basketball  has had a very active offseason and all of a sudden  you have tons of material with which to massage and relieve  the writers cramp.

And then you look at the newspaper and the front page  of every paper has some witty  anecdote about the President o f the United States and all of a sudden you have gone from being a writer without a cause to being a writer whose cup runneth over.

You are now tempted to write something quick, easy and topical. You can now load  up and write blogs that will last you a month if  not longer.

But you must not give in to your temptation. You must hold on to what  you think is right. Once you have cured the Block, you are  more  likely to know  how to a handle it if it comes back again. Temptation  must be met with mental strength and resistance.  Y( must be prepared to  deny your body and cravings, telling  yourself that  you  cannot win if you keep giving in. If you stick with  it, you will find that  temptation becomes  easier and easier to manage.  Give it a shot! o f a sudden.  I’m going back to bed….sans cookies




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