Dad, I’ve got one for you!. Thinking about the days  of Mr. Mom. At A time when television was just beginning to acknowledge and support the concept of single parenting .More and more dads were shinning the light on dads stepping up. They were putting careers on hold and focusing  on their kids. it’s now 2017, and we have not come full circle , we’ve gone backwards. Male led households are dysfunctional and comedic. The dads are poor examples, and are okay with that.


Dad: why don’t men  get credit for being good parents?


Where to begin? First,  we should not generalize! Some dads have traded  a promising career for a chance to be a part of the entire maturation process experienced by their  children. You still  only  get one shot to be an eyewitness to the growth  of your children.


But there still exists a bias towards females as it relates to child rearing. Step into any courtroom where there is a custody battle, and you will find a judge   with a sympathetic ear towards mothers.

Why don’t dads get  credit? Some do. But the best way to fix that is to fix the current parent model and address the dad stereotype.  Have dads show up for musicals  and recitals, and not just their kids’ g0ames. Dads will forever be viewed  as the fun parent, until they change the public view..

you agree?


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