Dad; August is here, and pretty soon the streets will be filled  with yellow school busses and plaid uniforms. People  will be  getting up  earlier and coming home later and later. As a  result, houses will become quieter.  Parents will be left to have riveting conversation  with the television and their dogs. I’m  looking forward to it. I am! Well maybe I am a  little. Maybe I’m not.


When they are gone, it’s just me. The cooking and cleaning does not bother me. A clean space is a beautiful thing. But the problem is that the silence can become boredom, and boredom becomes depression.  How can I address being bored? Is there any solution  in  sight?

That is a great question. So many make  their  families their lives,  and forget how they used to enjoy themselves. The great mistake made by millions of families is  that they make their  children (or spouses) responsible for their fun. And if that  person is not up being the minister of fun , then the household takes a hit.

If you want  to keep your house in order and have fun at  the same time,, all you need is a plan.  Start by documenting your current schedule. You want to make  sure that  the  schedule is  in 1/2 hour increments. you don’t want to document  the 2 minutes that it takes you to fill the candy dish.  Once you have your schedule documented, the next step is to find time to schedule  some cheap fun. You may have an open spot between noon a and 2:30. Invite a friend out for coffee  or go  and play  a couple of  video  games at the  video  arcade around the corner. Or go and catch a movie! All of these things would  address your  need for a  break without  ruining your schedule. Coffee  with a friend  may cost about $5 bucks.  A trip to the video arcade  may cost $10, and a movie  with popcorn may cost about $10 as well. The point isn’t to find Black Tie events (not  yet anyway …) but this  would be a great start.

Let Me Know How It Goes



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