I  know you aren’t my dad, but I figured I’d give  you a shot anyway.  I love the  summer! I  love the  summer. I love the swimming pools. I love music and  fruity drinks and everything that goes along with it. The problem is:

Our neighbors and neighborhood do not have a lot  of money. There is no excess capital  available to pay for summer. Which means that we cannot afford to go to the club, or bring  a club to us.

DAD, I  guess what I’m asking you is:

How can you host a bash  without any  bread??

Surprisingly  Easy!!  All you need is

1 A local grocery store  owner

2. A  game in your garage or kitchen drawer  that every one knows how  to play (Corn Hole?  Phase 10?

3. Let the  store  owner know that  Your neighbors  are hosting  a Block Party. Let them know where and when. Let them know that, Because Corn Hole and Uno are popular and can be played at any age,  all ages will be able to attend.

4. Ask the store owner if they would like to donate any one of 3 items:

A  dozen packs of hot dogs (or)

A dozen 2 -Liter soft drinks (or)

Assorted  bags if chips and dips

5, Let the neighbors know about the party, and what they will be asked to bring (1 – 2 Liter/Bag of Chips  or pack of hot dogs)

6. Grab some 3X5 Cards out of  your  house, and  use  them to create invitations. You can drop it in the mail box in the morning or  on your way to  work, Or you can knock on doors in the evening around or after dinner  time.

7. On the day of the gathering,, grab your BBQ grill and give it a quick but thorough cleaning

8. Ask the store owner if he  or  she would like to  save a few words

Let the Games Begin??

9. You can play the games family against family or have everyone pull cards  out  of a hat and make your own family.

10. Before the party ends,  ask the neighbors if they would like to haven anther Saturday gathering. If they say yes, then rotate the assignments and start all over next weekend.

Oh, how much does this event cost each participants? About $5 bucks!!





Food $0

drinks $0

Games $0

not bad for a party!


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