I like fielding questions from my family. between my wife, my son ,and my daughter, we are never without something to talk about. Dads feel compelled to have all the answers, because we do. It  is our job. Sometimes, we don’t know. Sometimes the questions come too  fast or it is just something that I know  nothing  about, and need a friend.

Today’s question was about the Balls, specifically, Lonzo Ball. You may not have heard of him, or maybe you have. He is next in a long line of budding athletes who are overshadowed by their parents.

My son sad to me: dad, why is that a bad thing? Well, it isn’t. Well, it depends. There are signs that should set off an alarm when the parent is more visible than the student athlete. If you know what the father looks like, and not the kid, then the parent is too visible.


Think of it like this: If your kid is struggling with math,  you get them a math tutor. If they are struggling with reading, you get them a reading tutor. If it’s time to prep  for college, you get them a tutor who knows a lot about ACT and SAT Prep. But when they need coaching on how to talk to the media or articulate what they are looking  for  on and off the court, you assign them……..yourself?? Will the seasoned agent  have  respect for the parent /agent ? In some cases, professional agents  will have a short fuse when forced to deal with a parent that is clearly slowing the process. In some cases, teams may opt for drafting/signing  a kid with  parent that is not in the way. How much money are you costing  your kid to relive your childhood?


Let it go

let them go

get them the right support



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