The NBA was on the rise. The playoffs were pretty intense, even while knowing that Golden State,  barring injury, would win the title. Now the League is facing the concept of super teams and super leagues.  What does it mean? For those of you who think that it is a non issue ,  you are incorrect and probably do not understand the game once it is off Those hose  who think the problem will self correct are not fully understanding the magnitude of the problem. The NBA has never faced a storm like the one it is about to face. The problem is not super teams, it is the teams that are being left behind. Picture this:


In 3-5 years, the NBA is made up of 3 prototypes: (Teams)

  1. Championship contenders
  2. Teams looking forward to the draft (bad record breeds hope)
  3. The rest


Think about it. Super teams draw super talent and super fan followings. As long as they  are winning, top tier talent will want to play there, and fans will turn out to watch their team, even when the whole world knows they will win. This, at best, will be a total of 7-10 teams.


Hopeful teams will always be the bottom 5 teams. They will be in the lottery, and will give their fans a reason to believe. But again, you are talking only 5 teams, and the  turn around that they have to undertake  may take them a decade to go from where they are to where they want to be.


That leaves the other half  of the league. 15 teams that are too good to go into the lottery, and nowhere near being a super player destination. They are stuck, and have no way out!!

Who is going out in the  winter to see the Bulls play the Pistons? In fact, if you ask fans what  teams  would  they pay to  see in warm weather and in inclimate  weather, what would they have say?

Which leads  to the real issue….. those teams disappear. They either change; locations or get lucky.  They may draft a superstar in the back end of the draft or luck up and become a  destination location for a star!

Then, attendance takes a hit. ESPN  agrees to pay more, and passes the cost along to the consumer.  The cycle is not broken. Terms begin to socialize the need to shut down.

That is the problem: ………..where  or what is  the solution???

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